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Review Date : Mon, 17 Dec 2007

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Samsung i7
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The i7 is the latest in Samsung's 'i' series, a range that is more multimedia device than a camera alone

Pros: Rotating 3in touch-screen LCD, 450MB storage
Cons: A bit heavy compared to rivals. No manual modes

The i7 is the latest in Samsung’s ‘i’ series, a range that is more multimedia device than a camera alone.

The i7’s 7MP camera is accompanied by MP3 and PMP players, eliminating the need for three devices. The visuals are catered for by the i7’s 3in smart-touch LCD screen, which cleverly rotates 180° on a pivot and serves to switch between MP3, PMP and camera modes.

In use, the i7 is swift between shots and the touch-screen is operable by fingertip so losing the pointer need not be an issue. Images are generally pleasing, if a little over-sharp, with textures and details well represented throughout the frame. However, exposures tend to be a little muddled, with images often appearing cold.


Offers good images and usability with PMP and MP3 players and 450MB on-board storage.

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Design 18/20
Image Quality 16/20
Performance 17/20
Value 17/20
Features 17/20
Overall Score 85%