Pentax Optio Z10

Review Date : Mon, 24 Dec 2007

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Pentax Optio Z10 front
Pentax Optio Z10 front Pentax Optio Z10 back Pentax Optio Z10 top Pentax Optio Z10

The 8MP Z10 manages 7x zoom without needing a protruding lens

Pros: Focusing speed
Cons: ISO-based stabilisation, Menu design

Joining the 7x optical zoom brigade at the end of 2007, the 8MP Z10 also boasts reaching such lengths without necessitating a protruding lens. A maximum ISO 3200 and Face Detection add to the spec with more advanced features such as spot metering also present.

The same childish styling of the menu system of the S10 and the cheap plastic feel of the body don't score any brownie points, though. The fact that other companies have already reached these focal lengths but done so with an optical- or sensor-based stabilisation system (in similarly priced models) make the Z10's ISO-based Shake Reduction system seem (again) poor value for money.

Focusing is quick and images aren't generally bad on low ISO settings, but over ISO 200, shadowy areas turn noisy, with heavy purple and a little green fringing also featuring.


The zoom is a bonus, but unless you've got plenty of light, noisy images are the norm.

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Design 15/20
Image Quality 16/20
Performance 15/20
Value 15/20
Features 17/20
Overall Score 78%

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