Fujifilm FinePix S200EXR Review


Shooting with the S200 does take some adapting to, especially if you are used to DSLRs. This is not to say it's bad, however; focusing is generally pretty swift with the exception of low-contrast scenes, and features an AF assist lamp for low-light situations. There is very little shutter lag, though there is a pause between taking the shot and it displaying on screen that leaves you with a black screen momentarily. There is a choice of single and continuous AF, plus face detection, all of which perform well. The manual focus option uses a ring on the lens barrel, however this still adjusts the focus electronically giving little real feedback and making it quite tricky to use.



 Fujifilm S200EXR Review sample image - click for fullsize image

For continuous shooting the S200 offers a few options: a 1.6fps burst allows up to three Raw/Raw+JPEG files or six JPEG files to be captured, while a high speed 5fps is available for JPEG only and capable of up to 24 shots. Both of these can be set to record either the first or last of burst shots taken. The buffer does take some time to clear though; taking 1sec to write a JPEG, 5sec for a Raw, and 6sec for a Raw+JPEG.