Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Review


Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Review - Design

Panasonic Lumix TZ60 angled

Despite featuring a plethora of advanced technology, the TZ60 manages to not be too bulky and will still easily fit in to a small bag or trouser pocket - one of the key credentials of a travel compact.

The control layout is relatively simple, with a single scroll wheel on the rear of the camera taking care of the majority of camera settings.

Panasonic TZ60 rear angled

That being said, the TZ60 does benefit from a ring around the front of the lens that operates as a secondary control input, even controlling the camera's zoom in automatic shooting mode.

There's also the benefit of a function button which can be customised to offer one-touch access to more commonly used shooting functionality.

In terms of the camera's build quality, Panasonic has upgraded the shell of the body to now comprise of a mix part polycarbonate and part magnesium alloy.

Panasonic TZ60 top down

This, combined with a textured hand grip on the front of the camera and a raised thumbrest on the rear, gives the camera a premium feel and allows for a solid hold when shooting.

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Design 19/20
Image Quality 17/20
Performance 18/20
Value 18/20
Features 18/20
Overall Score 90%

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