ALDI Maginon Wildlife Camera Review


The camera is covered in typical khaki print, although I'm sure most animals will notice the strange box with eyes sprouting from a tree. Once in position try to leave it in one spot for a few days to allow the animals to accept it.

The back is slightly concave making it a little easier to attach to tree trunks, however only one tie is included in the kit. I'd recommend using a long piece of wire to secure it even more and, if you're really worried about leaving it out, a laptop securing cable could provide extra security.

One problem I found was that the side clips on the camera can be a bit fiddly, if you haven't got them clipped in the front has a tendency to fall off, so make sure they're both clipped in securely. I actually ended up using some gaffer tape on the hinges to make this less of a problem.

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Design 16/20
Image Quality 13/20
Performance 14/20
Value 16/20
Features 13/20
Overall Score 73%