Panasonic Lumix FZ150 review

Image Quality

Panasonic Lumix FZ150 review - Image Quality

The FZ150's images look good for the most part. The decision to dip the megapixel count from the FZ100's 14.2MP sensor to a new 12.1MP sensor makes sense in theory, as each pixel is slightly larger across the sensor area and therefore can receive a better signal which should produce better quality pictures overall. The FZ150's results aren't going to rival DSLR quality by any means, as the camera's level of processing when viewing the files at actual size does reveal notable processing artefacts and loss of detail in more complex, textured areas even at the lower ISO settings.

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ISO 100-200 are the most stable settings, and thereafter there's a dip in sharpness that continues to ISO 800. Thereafter, from ISO 1600-3200, it's not only softness but lack of edge definition and image noise that render shots average rather than good. So the FZ150 isn't going to be the ideal low light partner, but will prove its worth in better lit situations.  As per the FZ48, real world images up to ISO 800 translate to decent enough shots with relatively few problems.  Where the FZ150 scores extra points is with the inclusion of a Raw shooting option. Not many other superzoom cameras can lay claim to providing such an option, and for those looking to get the utmost out of the camera, including far more noise reduction control, this is the mode to run with.

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