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Samsung ST95 sample imageSamsung ST95 review - Value

With a current street price of around £140 the ST95 is priced in between cheaper touchscreen models such as the Fujifilm Z90 and Kodak Slice, or the more expensive Panasonic FS22 and Fujifilm Z900 options. In terms of functionality and performance this positioning seems to be justified, although considering that it's only been on the market for a few months it seems certain that this price will continue to fall.

Samsung ST95 review - Verdict

The ST95 has a number of positive attributes, such as its colourful graphical user interface and wideangle lens, and in the right hands it can produce well-exposed an decent-looking images. Sadly, the performance of its LCD screen lets it down, while the over-processed and inconsistent quality of its images makes it a less than reliable camera for the less experienced user.

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Design 17/20
Image Quality 16/20
Performance 15/20
Value 17/20
Features 17/20
Overall Score 82%

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