Canon PowerShot SX220 HS Review

Image Quality and Verdict

Canon PowerShot SX220 HS Review - Image Quality

Considering the large focal range of the SX220 HS, it's hardly surprising that the model suffers from slight image quality issues. There's an issue with barrel distortion throughout the focal range, while fringing is also present. Noise is well controlled throughout the lower end of the ISO settings, also though it does become a slight issue towards the higher end of the scale.

Canon PowerShot SX220 HS review sample image

On a positive note, the SX220 HS controls the balance between shadows and highlights well, and displays a good dynamic range. Colour reproduction is also pleasing - tones are natural and muted, and lend themselves to any modification in the post production process.

Canon PowerShot SX220 HS review - Verdict


The SX220 HS is an impressive all-round travel compact which is priced competitively relative to equivalent cameras. The specification offers more than enough for the casual shooting, while HD video capture and full PASM control will satisfy those looking for something more advanced. However, there are several handling issues and niggles that detract from the overall user experience. Add to that a fair number of image quality issues and, while the SX220 HS is still a very good camera, it just misses the mark.




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Design 17/20
Image Quality 17/20
Performance 17/20
Value 17/20
Features 18/20
Overall Score 86%