Panasonic Lumix FZ100 review

Image Quality

Panasonic Lumix FZ100 review - Image quality

As well as shooting JPEG images, the Lumix FZ100 also provides the option to shoot Raw (RW2) files or both Raw + JPEG simultaneously.

Shooting fine quality JPEGs provides reasonable image quality, though granular-like image noise is visible throughout the entirety of the ISO100-1600 range. It's not problematic through from ISO100-400, but ISO 800-1600 does begin to suffer noticeably. Although the manual states that a top-end ISO 6400 is available, this is strictly limited to a specific scene mode and, as such, has fairly limited use.


Panasonic Lumix FZ100 ISO sample image ISO 100-1600


Sharpness is good throughout the majority of the zoom range, though some sharpness fall-off does begin to show when at the fullest extent of the zoom. Not to the level where images look out of focus, but there's a subtle and visible lack of sharpness when compared to wider angle shots (even at the maximum 1/2000th second shutter speed, which is more than ample for a 600mm equivalent shot).

The new 14.1MP sensor is more populated than the majority of 12.1MP versions that Panasonic has been using in other recent models, so it's debatable whether this increase in resolution was entirely necessary. Although it's not been to the detriment of image quality, a greater focus on polishing-up the overall image quality and processing would have been preferable.    

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