Sony Ericsson C905 camera phone

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Sony Ericsson C905

Review of the Sony Ericsson C905 camera phone

Pros: Camera-esque functionality, ample LCD
Cons: Images still display some common cameraphone flaws

Sony Ericsson has refreshingly led the way with cameraphone
technologies, in advancing image capture capabilities ahead of
unnecessarily amplifying megapixel counts, beyond what the inarguably
small sensor of the devices can handle.

The Sony Ericsson
C905 is the first of the brandʼs 8MP cameraphones, but comes after the
company stuck to a 5MP sensor with two of its figurehead Cyber-Shot
handsets - the K850i and C902. That skip of megapixel expansion has
clearly benefited the new C905, as the device not only features the
increased resolution, but also a range of new capture functions. First
up is the cameraʼs Smart Contrast function that automatically
compensates exposure for either bright or dark areas, while the
consumer-friendly face detection also makes an appearance.

pleasing about the C905 is that the headline capture functionality is
supported by usability akin to a standard compact camera. In landscape
mode the 2.4in LCD screen displays a smooth feed for image capture,
while all standard phone buttons are replaced with blue LEDs displaying
basic capture tools such as focus type, flash function and so forth.

Image quality is, as with previous Sony Ericsson devices, generally
good for a mobile phone. Exposures are generally accurate, while colour
rendition is good. It must be said that noise control and fine detail
rendition is generally poor still, but when considered against its
cameraphone peers, image quality is generally good.

Our Verdict:

All told, the C905 is a real challenger up against entry-level compact
cameras, and is more than a worthy photographic companion to have in
your pocket at all times

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Overall Score 91%

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