LG Viewty Mobile Phone

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LG Viewty Mobile Phone

The touch-screen LG Viewty Mobile Phone

Pros: stylish, nice large touchscreen, reasonable images
Cons: shutter delay, heavily processed images, high ISO performance

Camera phones have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years but we
still haven't yet found one that doesn't underperform as a camera.

Viewty could best be described as a poor man's iPhone, with its huge
touch screen display and slick interface, but in fact the camera part
of the device, which sports a 5MP sensor, trounces the woefully poor
2MP camera on the Apple product - on paper, at least.

LG has also made the Viewty look more like a compact camera than a phone.

camera is activated by pressing the shutter button. All the controls
are accessed via the touch screen and there's a fair list of options:
six scene modes plus auto, four white balance presets plus auto, ISO up
to 800, manual focusing and macro modes, plus the usual image size

Painfully sluggish focusing is followed by a delay of
around a second between pressing the shutter and the exposure being
made, though this is also the case with every camera phone we've tried.

quality is not actually that bad, certainly for screen use or enprints.
Even prints up to A4 are not out of the question in favourable shooting
conditions, though it degrades significantly as you go up the ISO scale.


Ultimately, the LG Viewty is a great phone, with a comparatively good
camera, but it's still a poor substitute for a proper compact camera.

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Overall Score 82%

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