Close-up and Macro photography

Review Date : Thu, 12 Jul 2012

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close up photo

Macro photography remains ever popular because it’s accessible. Once you have the equipment needed to get up close and personal there’s an endless variety of subjects all around us. Tracy Hallett’s book is small enough to fit in a pocket or camera bag, so you can take it out in the field with you, adding to its utility.

Author: Tracy Hallett

This book covers the expected run of topics - equipment, camera basics such as ISO, shutter speeds and focusing - before moving on to visual compositional skills and ending with a few pages on processing. The text is informative and easy to understand while the pictures, which are accompanied by full shooting data, range from good to outstanding.
If you're interested in macro and want an up-to-date book on the subject that you can also take out and about, then this a good choice.


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