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Pentax MX-1 review product image

Pentax MX-1 First Look

Pentax enters growing enthusiast compact camera sector with the Pentax MX-1

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Samsung ST550 review product image children mode front LCD screen on

Samsung ST550 review

Samsung ST550 – a camera with two LCD screens? The What Digital Camera Samsung ST550 review checks out the ultimate self-portrait compact…

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£240.00 89%
Samsung ST5500

Samsung ST5500 review

Samsung's 14.2MP compact features a 7x optical zoom and 3.7in AMOLED touchscreen, but does it deliver?

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£200.00 85%
Samsung ST6500 product shots

Samsung ST6500 Review

With a feature list that wouldn't look out of place on a camera £100 more expensive, the Samsung ST6500 certainly has the good on paper. Can the Samsung ST6500 impress in our in-depth test?

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£199.00 81%
Samsung ST93 Review

Samsung ST93 Review

Samsung’s style conscious ST series of compacts gets an addition, the 16.1-megapixel ST93, a smart and slim line snapper that has a host auto features that make snapping fun and easier. Doug...

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£129.00 87%
Samsung ST95 front.jpg

Samsung ST95 review

With a 5x optical zoom, HD movie recording a 3in touchscreen, how does this upper entry-level compact fare against its peers? The Samsung ST95 review finds out...

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£140.00 82%
Samsung ST96 Review

Samsung ST96 Review

A budget-concious compact with some impressive specs, the Samsung ST96 is an enticing prospect

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£129.00 87%
Samsung WB500 review product image front

Samsung WB500 review

With 10x zoom the Samsung WB500 offers a weighty zoom, but what are its images like? The What Digital Camera Samsung WB500 review...

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£170.00 84%
Samsung WB5000 | Reviews | What Digital Camera

Samsung WB5000 review

With a monster focal range and good sized sensor, the WB5000 promises good results, but does it deliver?

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£270.00 83%
Samsung WB550 review product image

Samsung WB550 Review

The Samsung WB550 incorporates an ultra wide angle 24mm lens with 10x optical zoom, so does it have the best of both worlds? Is the W550 (HZ15W in the US) both the perfect wide angle and megazoom...

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£300.00 85%
Samsung WB650 2 | Reviews | What Digital Camera

Samsung WB650 review

The Samsung WB650 has a full specification which makes it one of the more impressive travel compacts on paper. However, how does it fare when put though the WDC test?

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£240.00 88%

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