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iMac 27in Intel Core i3

Apple iMac 27in Intel Core i3 review

Is Mac's all-in-one Intel iMac i3 powerhouse the photographer’s dream machine?

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Viewfinder speedilight kit

Viewfinder Speedlite kit review

Strobism is all the rage right now and is an easy way to take pro-looking shots without huge lighting rigs...

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£99.00 85%
Seculine Cross

Seculine Action Level Cross review

This hotshoe-fitted device is, essentially, a digital spirit level with a cross-pattern of LEDs that light up...

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£55.00 70%
Hannspree photo alarm clock

Hannspree Photo Alarm Clock review

Combining an alarm clock with 4.3in LCD screen may sound like a novel idea, but with the right functionality it's certainly a good one...

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£40.00 70%

Wacom Bamboo Fun review

Renowned for its pro-grade graphics tablets, Wacom's new Bamboo range shifts its target audience to, well, just about anyone that uses a computer...

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£90.00 88%
Party shot

Sony Party-shot review

One of the curses of being the designated photographer at a party is that, inevitably, you spend the majority of the party taking photos...

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£90.00 90%
Camera armour

Camera Armor (Canon 450D / 500D / 1000D) review

Available in numerous purpose-built formats, Camera Armor is there to protect your camera from drops, knocks and falls.

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£33.00 84%
camlink batterys

Camlink Zeta charger review

A good battery charger is an essential part of any modern photography kit, especially for those with flashguns...

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£20.00 82%
Duracell min charger

Duracell Mini-Charger review

One of the benefits of an AA/AAA battery- powered device is the ability to access replacements if you should run out of juice on the go...

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£10.00 90%
Pocket cinema

Aiptek PocketCinema V10 review

This month saw the introduction of the Nikon S1000PJ projector camera. However, if you want to stick with your camera for solely capture then maybe Aiptek's Pocket Cinema V10 is the solution for...

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£286.00 80%
E pens

E-Pens Create review

This device is designed to work in much the same way as a graphics tablet but without the need for a large sensor pad...

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£50.00 85%

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