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Digital Photography Step By Step

Tom Ang guides aspiring photographers through a number of tips and techniques to improve their images. Perfect for beginners.

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Weather Wonders

A visual delight, Weather Wonders describes the benefits, opportunities, intricacies and changeability of weather for landscape photographers.

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Complete Guide to Black and White Photography | Books | What Digital Camera

The Complete Guide to Black and White Photography

Michael Freeman's successful series of Complete Guides looks at the art of black and white photography in its entirety; from its greatest exponents to its applications in the digital age

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Tiger Lord of the Jungle | Books | What Digital Camera

Tiger: Lord of the Jungle

A portrait of the Big Cat's fight for survival against extinction

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Adventure Photography | Books | What Digital Camera

Adventure Photography

World-renowned adventure photographer Michael Clark shed light on what it takes to follow in his precarious footsteps...

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Reuters Our World Now 3 | Books | What Digital Camera

Our World Now 3

Our World Now 3 draws upon Reuters' unparalleled resource to document a year in the life of our vibrant, troubled, beautiful planet

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Photo Index: Things | Books | What Digital Camera

Photo Index: Things

Billed as 'not a book of pictures, but a book of ideas', Things is aimed at helping you get more from your photography

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Digital Landscape Photography | Books | What Digital Camera

Digital Landscape Photography

Digital Landscape Photography is a fresh look at current ways to shoot landscapes by making the most of digital format

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Small Trades | Books | What Digital Camera

Irving Penn – Small Trades

A document of Irving Penn's career

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Photography in 100 words | Books | What Digital Camera

Photography in 100 words

50 iconic images from some of the world's greatest photographer, accompanied by 100 words on what photography means to them

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