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Photoshop Elements 9 review

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 review

Can Adobe improve on the already impressive Elements 8, with the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 9?

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Carbonite Online PC Backup

Carbonite Online PC Backup

Backing up your files is something that everyone should do as a precaution, but limited storage space often discourages people from doing so...

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£25.00 87%
DxO Optics Pro V 5.1

DXO Optics Pro V 5.1

If you are looking for a Raw converter for your images, this looks a corker......

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£99.00 87%
OnOne Genuine Fractals

onOne Genuine Fractals 6

Review of onOne's Genuine Fractals 6 software

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£299.00 87%

OnOne Phototools 2 review

OnOne Phototools 2 image processing software review

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£110.00 87%
Corel digital studio

Corel Digital Studio review

Digital Studio is designed to be a solution to all of your media needs in one tidy package and is split into four part...

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£59.00 87%

Reallusion Crazytalk 6 Pro review

Ever wanted to make your images talk?

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£100.00 86%
Corel RAW

Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3

The latest incarnation of Corel's Paintshop pro software takes aim at the advancing amateur

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£79.00 85%

onOne Plugin Suite 5 review

onOne's Plugin Suite 5 is a comprehensive plugin set, with a variety of tools. So what did we make of them? The What Digital Camera onOne Plugin Suite 5 review...

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£370.00 85%
BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 2

BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 2

Want to make big prints? Then maybe PhotoZoom Pro 2 is the answer.........

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£99.99 84%

BatchPhoto Pro v2.5 software review

Although digital capture holds the benefit of unlimited shooting, sorting through masses of photographs can be both a mundane and downright irritating task...

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£21.00 83%

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