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DSLR Photo for dummie

Digital SLR Photography for Dummies

If you’re new to photography and have just bought a DSLR, then stepping away from the auto modes and experimenting with manual inputs can be quite daunting. Digital SLR Photography for Dummies is...

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beautiful britain

Beautiful Britain

Iain McKell is a photographer drawn to the peculiar, or those ‘…that are really about a sense of self, about creativity and eccentricity.’ Beautiful Britain is a collection of his work over the...

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landscape poty col 5

Landscape photographer of the year: Collection 5

very year the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition – also known as ‘Take a View’ – both astounds us with awe-inspiring images of Britain and rubs our noses in our own inadequacies behind...

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Plateaus and canyons

Plateaus and Canyons

The Colorado Plateau has long drawn photographers to its vast, state-spanning expanse with its striking landscapes and awesome natural beauty. However, one photographer in particular has made the...

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Architectural Photography

Adrian Schulz does well to cover everything relevant in this title, from brief notes on the genre’s history right through to more trendy processing options, in between which lies all the...

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mughal architecture and gardens

Mughal Architecture and Gardens

Michell is an architectural historian specialising in India and Pasricha is one of India’s foremost photographers, so we’re in good hands. The text is informative and the photography outstanding,...

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