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Photoshop Elements 9 review

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 review

Can Adobe improve on the already impressive Elements 8, with the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 9?

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Reallusion Crazytalk 6 Pro review

Ever wanted to make your images talk?

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£100.00 86%
Carbonite Online PC Backup

Carbonite Online PC Backup

Backing up your files is something that everyone should do as a precaution, but limited storage space often discourages people from doing so...

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£25.00 87%
DxO Optics Pro V 5.1

DXO Optics Pro V 5.1

If you are looking for a Raw converter for your images, this looks a corker......

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£99.00 87%
OnOne Genuine Fractals

onOne Genuine Fractals 6

Review of onOne's Genuine Fractals 6 software

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£299.00 87%

OnOne Phototools 2 review

OnOne Phototools 2 image processing software review

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£110.00 87%
Corel digital studio

Corel Digital Studio review

Digital Studio is designed to be a solution to all of your media needs in one tidy package and is split into four part...

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£59.00 87%
PosteRazor 1.2

PosteRazor 1.2

The problem with making prints at home is you’re largely restricted to how big an enlargement you can achieve by the maximum paper size of your printer. However, with PosteRazor this is no longer...

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£0.00 88%

Corel VideoStudio Pro X2 Ultimate review

There was a time when video capture on a digital stills camera could be fairly described as an afterthought, added purely because the manufacturer could, or because the extra feature to the camera...

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£67.00 88%
Nero Multimedia Suite 10

Nero Multimedia Suite 10

The latest incarnation of Nero's burning suite adds some superb features

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£69.99 89%

Apple Aperture 2

Apple Aperture 2 contains a number of tweaks and improvements over the original.

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£129.00 90%

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