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iMac 27in Intel Core i3

Apple iMac 27in Intel Core i3 review

Is Mac's all-in-one Intel iMac i3 powerhouse the photographer’s dream machine?

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Apple iPhone 5s product shot 2

Apple iPhone 5s Review

Apple iPhone 5s Review – We put the camera on the new iPhone 5s through its paces and compare it with its predecessor, the iPhone 5. How much better is it? Find out in our iPhone 5s review.

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£549.00 92%
Aquapac DSLR

Aquapac SLR Camera Case Review

A cheap alternative to a DSLR underwater housing

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£75.00 60%
Archos 5

Archos 5 Internet Tablet review

Archos's Internet Tablet multimedia device gets the What Digital Camera review...

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£180.00 75%
Kenko Auto Digi Meter

Kenko Auto Digi Light Meter

Review of the Kenko Auto Digi Light Meter

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£199.00 90%


Create mini presentations with your personal pictures, videos, text and audio wih this free of charge, userfriendly App.

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£0.00 %
Camera armour

Camera Armor (Canon 450D / 500D / 1000D) review

Available in numerous purpose-built formats, Camera Armor is there to protect your camera from drops, knocks and falls.

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£33.00 84%

Camera+ For Iphone

The Camera+ App allows for immediate editing and offers a plethora of special effects, making your phone a much more realistic alternative to a compact camera.

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£0.69 %
Custome Brackets CB Junior & Digital Pro-M Kit

Custom Brackets CB Junior & Digital Pro-M Kit

Review of the Custom Brackets CB Junior & Digital Pro-M Kit

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£85.50 83%
Eizo CG301W display

Eizo CG301W Display

Review of the Eizo CG301W display

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£2,676.00 89%
grey card

Douglas Grey Card Mk II review

There's not much to the humble grey card, but the Douglas Grey Card Mark II does go the extra mile...

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£20.00 87%

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