Digital Storage Device Reviews

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Transcend JF220 Flash Drive

Transcend JF220 Flash Drive

Review of the Transcend JF220 Flash Drive

Full review

£20.00 84%
Transcend 500GB Hard Drive

Transcend 500GB hard drive

Review of the Transcend 500GB hard drive

Full review

£100.00 84%
Epson P7000

Epson P7000 Storage/Viewer

Review of the Epson P7000 Storage/Viewer

Full review

£490.00 83%

Memorex Essential Traveldrive 250GB review

Review of the 250GB portable storage device: Memorex Essential Traveldrive

Full review

£70.00 82%
YuuWaago Go/Plus

YuuWaa Go/Plus review

YuuWaa, unlike most online storage solutions, is a data storage option that offers both a physical and cloud element...

Full review

£10.00 78%
Canon M30

Canon M30 portable storage unit

Review of the Canon M30 portable storage unit

Full review

£320.00 77%
Jobo Spectator

Jobo Spectator media viewer/storage device

Review of the Jobo Spectator media viewer/ storage device

Full review

£199.00 70%

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