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iMac 27in Intel Core i3

Apple iMac 27in Intel Core i3 review

Is Mac's all-in-one Intel iMac i3 powerhouse the photographer’s dream machine?

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Aquapac DSLR

Aquapac SLR Camera Case Review

A cheap alternative to a DSLR underwater housing

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£75.00 60%
£49.95 65%
Seculine Cross

Seculine Action Level Cross review

This hotshoe-fitted device is, essentially, a digital spirit level with a cross-pattern of LEDs that light up...

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£55.00 70%
Hannspree photo alarm clock

Hannspree Photo Alarm Clock review

Combining an alarm clock with 4.3in LCD screen may sound like a novel idea, but with the right functionality it's certainly a good one...

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£40.00 70%
white balance cards

WarmCards SLR 2.0 review

The WarmCards SLR 2.0 set of white balance cards comprises seven coloured and one white targets, in addition to a Kodak grey card...

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£45.00 74%

Zigview R

Review of the Zigview R

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£200.00 75%
Archos 5

Archos 5 Internet Tablet review

Archos's Internet Tablet multimedia device gets the What Digital Camera review...

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£180.00 75%
Litepanels macro

Litepanels Micro review

Adding light to your images is always a benefit, though for some the intricacies of using flash scare many off using it...

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£299.00 79%
AverMedia EZ Photo Viewer USB 2.0

AverMedia EZ Photo Viewer

Review of the AverMedia EZ Photo Viewer

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£40.00 80%


Review of the Sony GPS-CS1KA

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£80.00 80%

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