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iMac 27in Intel Core i3

Apple iMac 27in Intel Core i3 review

Is Mac's all-in-one Intel iMac i3 powerhouse the photographer’s dream machine?

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Camera+ For Iphone

The Camera+ App allows for immediate editing and offers a plethora of special effects, making your phone a much more realistic alternative to a compact camera.

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A fun desktop app for Windows and Mac PCs that turns your photos into old-fashioned polaroids.

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With Landscape in Mind: a photographic road trip with Joe Cornish

Renowned landscape photographer Joe Cornish's first DVD provides a fly-on-the-wall experience of his photoshoots around the north of England. Thought-provoking and visually pleasing.

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The Guardian Eyewitness for iPad

A free app for photo-enthusiasts offering both topical news images and amazing landscape and wildlife pics.

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Create mini presentations with your personal pictures, videos, text and audio wih this free of charge, userfriendly App.

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Nat Geo Infinite Photo

The perfect online example of Nat Geo's creative enterprise, displaying hundreds of stunning natural history photographs.

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