Essential Guide to Tablets - Apple iPad 4

Apple iPad 4,£479, (32GB)

Now in its fourth generation, the iPad is by far the most popular tablet on the market. The iPad 4's core strengths are its pin-sharp "Retina" screen - so-called because the pixel count is so dense the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels - and Apple's App store, which offers the largest selection of apps of all the mobile platforms. While there are no additional connectivity options beyond the proprietary 8-pin port, an optional Pad Camera Connection Kit (£30) plugs directly into this. Only image files stored in the DCIM folder can be moved though - for anything else (music, films) you'll have to use iTunes.


OS: iOS 6.1
Screen Size/Aspect: 9.7in, 4:3
Resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels (264ppi)
Pros: Retina screen, Lots of apps, Stability
Cons: Poor connectivity, UI is looking a bit dated

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