Camera price buster: guide for getting a bargain

Tips to getting the most for your money when spending on photography equipment with our camera price buster guide to buying photography equipment

Make your money go further when buying photography equipment, by following our camera price buster advice...

Shop around

Prices vary wildly between dealers. Some retailers may be cheaper for one model but more expensive for something else, so it pays to visit a number of shops and compare prices.

Buy last year's model

Compact cameras only have a six-month lifespan. When new ones come out the old ones get discounted. Often there's little difference between an older model and its replacement and last year's model may still suit your needs.

Buy from specialist photo retailers

You're more likely to find staff who know what they're talking about at a specialist photo dealers. This increases the chance of you getting the right camera for your needs. 

Stick with the brand names

Stay clear of cameras from brands you've never heard of. They're likely to have been made on the cheap using outdated or low-spec components, and the brand is just a marketing name.

Be wary of grey imports

If an online deal seems too good to be true then maybe it is. Some online retailers dodge tax laws by selling 
non UK cameras. This may mean you won't be given an English instruction manual, the wrong plug may be on the charger and you may find you get little support from the UK distributor if it goes wrong.

Try before you buy

Never buy a DSLR without handling it in a shop first. Find one that fits in your hand comfortably and has just the right button placement for your fingers.

Get advice

Go online and read reviews from photography and tech sites such as ours, or our sister sites, Amateur Photographer and Trusted Reviews, so that you're sure the camera you're thinking of is the one you needs. You should also check out user reviews and ask advice from people who actually own the camera and have used it over a period of time.

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