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Camera buying advice

Once upon a time buying a digital camera was relatively easy. The rule of thumb was to get as many megapixels as you could afford. Now all cameras have enough megapixels, so camera manufacturers have had to be a bit more creative, and develop cameras to satisfy every conceivable taste, niche and special interest.

Digital cameras now come in a bewildering variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and many are targeted at specific age groups or lifestyles. And that's just the cameras - there are thousands of accessories available too. So if you're thinking of buying a camera or accessory you'll need to do your research first, otherwise you could end up with a lemon.

Ask yourself a few questions before shopping. What kind of photography do you do, and what kind of camera would be most suitable for it? How serious do you plan to get - do you want a point and shoot or something you can grow with and develop into a hobby? What's your budget?

There are various different types of camera available, in the articles below we suggest a few of the latest, hottest cameras in each category:

Best compact cameras to buy

Best digital SLRs to buy

Best compact system cameras to buy

Best bridge cameras to buy

Best smartphone cameras to buy

On a budget:

Best camera deals of the week

DSLRs and CSCs under £500

Compact cameras for under £100


Buying advice: 

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