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Optoma Pico

Optoma Pico PK320

If you want something that's small enough to fit in a coat pocket or a small bag that will allow projection onto a wall then Optoma has a range of tiny projectors that may be ideal.

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£350.00 87%
hedler c12 silent lamp front

Hedler C12 Silent

If you're looking for a powerful continuous light source that's small, portable, very bright and can be used for video the Hedler C12 Silent may be the answer.

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£290.00 88%
Glidetrack Shooter SD

Glidetrack Shooter SD

More professional and amateur filmmakers are using stills cameras as an affordable and compact alternative. As a result accessories such as the Glidetrack have become popular, providing similar...

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£190.00 84%
Vanguard GH-200 Pistol Grip Ball Head

Vanguard GH-200 Pistol Grip Ball Head

Getting the right head to go with your tripod is incredibly important.A variation on the ball head is the pistol grip head, and the GH-200 is the latest offering from Vanguard.

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£159.00 88%
Swiftspin 360 50cm Manual Turntable

Swiftspin 360 50cm Manual Turntable

If you've seen those 360° spinning product photos on the web and thought that perhaps you'd like to have a go at them yourself, or for your business, here's the simplest and most inexpensive...

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£136.00 85%
Philips 7FF 1M4

Philips 7FF 1M4 digital photo frame

Review of the Philips 7FF 1M4

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£130.00 85%
IoShutter release

IoShutter Release Cable Canon N3 Review

What Digital Camera tests the IoShutter Release Cable Canon N3

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£60.00 85%
mughal architecture and gardens

Mughal Architecture and Gardens

Michell is an architectural historian specialising in India and Pasricha is one of India’s foremost photographers, so we’re in good hands. The text is informative and the photography outstanding,...

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£45.00 %

Lexar Professional UDMA FireWire 800 Reader

Review of the Lexar Professional UDMA FireWire 800 Reader

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£40.00 86%%
Plateaus and canyons

Plateaus and Canyons

The Colorado Plateau has long drawn photographers to its vast, state-spanning expanse with its striking landscapes and awesome natural beauty. However, one photographer in particular has made the...

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£34.50 %

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