• pastor2000

    Not a very useful tool. Doesn’t ask what kind of pix you will be taking. If it’s much more beyond family snapshots and you are looking to capture landscapes, or sports, and such, then you are going to need something more beyond a basic camera. Folks usually get tired of the limitations of a basic camera and want more. Whatever camera you get, stick with the system you start with, so the lenses will be interchangeable.

  • LondonPoliceSuckArse

    this tool sucks.
    Nothing to ask the type of photography the person will be doing, which is probably the 2nd most important requirement for buying a D-camera

  • Max

    What’s “family use”?

    Regarding your daughter, I would go for the cheapest one, which seems to be the Nikon D3200? What matters more than the date of the model, is the lense(s). Lenses can last decades of use, but the model number of the camera house is replaced by a new one almost every year.
    Anyway, if she gets into photography, she’ll want to keep the camera for herself. When you use a camera often, it’s unavoidable to get emotional attached. If that happens, you can forget about sharing it with her, and you’ll have to buy one for yourself. In that case, I dont think a big bulky DSLR is what you want for occasional use, like one day trips, vacations and festive events.

    That’s just ‘my two cents’ regarding the matter 🙂

  • Max

    Not anymore it seems?

  • Mal C

    hello & please help, i’m a pure novice & need a camera for family use, but also for 16/17 year old daughters taking photography at school & possibly uni, so Novice/intermediate.
    I’ve been looking for ages & still undecided! At moment looking between Canon 1200 or 700D & Nikon 3300 or 5300

  • entoman

    Cool tool, perfect to guide novices to sensible choices.

    Move it to the top of the home page!

  • Iuri Cézar

    Link to “The Best Bridge Cameras” is pointing to best budget compacts.