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Achromats and Apochromats

The language of lenses has become simplified in recent years but, although the comparison between achromatic and apochromatic lenses is rarely discussed, the term “apochromatic” is one that has survived.

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Lens simulators

Cyberspace offers its own opportunities to preview the effects of lenses that you might be thinking of buying: welcome to the world of lens simulators.

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If you use a full-frame lens on a smaller-format sensor, what happens to image quality? Does using only the centre of the lens field improve image quality or are matters relating to image quality more complex than this simplistic suggestion implies?

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Lens Hoods explained

Lens Hoods

Why are some lens hoods circular whereas other lens hoods have a curious castellated shape? It’s time to think about lens-hood design.

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Fisheye Lenses

Love them or hate them, fisheye lenses have a place in photography – albeit probably a minor one. Fisheye lenses also require a rethink when it comes to explaining their angles-of-view.

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Perspective on perspective

If you use wide-angle lenses mostly for getting more in the picture then you’re missing out on a different perspective – one that prioritises perspective itself over angle-of-view.

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