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Measuring lens resolution

MTF graph of Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8 prime lens on Nikon D700 full-frame camera body

Lens resolution figures have long been stated in line-pairs per millimetre but in the digital arena it is common to use cycles per pixel: what is the difference and how are these two resolution metrics related to each other?

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Compact System Cameras

Two pictures showing correct and incorrect focussing priorities (AF).

Compact System Cameras are, in many ways, the best of both worlds; they and small and yet also very versatile. But by the same token, Compact System Cameras may be viewed as being awkwardly cramped and poorly suited to some kinds of photography…

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Zoom lenses and composition

Narrow-angle (top) and wide-angle (bottom) focal-lengths used to capture very similar compositions.

The arrival of zoom lenses changed the way photographers approached their subjects. In the days of primes you had to move to another spot to change the composition but zoom lenses removed the need for that… or did they?

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Macro lens choice

Macro comparison pictures showing the effect of focal length.

Macro lenses come in a variety of different focal lengths but how do you choose the best focal length for any given macro situation?

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Visual sharpness

Test image used for image sharpness comparison.

Numerical testing and visual sharpness are two very different things. Of the two, visual sharpness is probably more important but it is also harder to define.

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Tamron 18-270mm EISA Award

Product pictures: Tamron 18-270mm zooms

Tamron’s new 18-270mm, with its piezoelectric motor, was named EISA’s European Zoom Lens of the Year 2011-12. Yet the same Tamron 18-270mm zoom failed to shine when tested for the October edition of WDC. How can that be?

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