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Monitor screen

Colour management: a typical LCD will allow you to check for sharpness and give you a fairly good idea of the tone and colour, but you can never fully appreciate the fine details of what can be achieved in print

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perspective corrections

How to correct the perspective of a raw photograph in Camera Raw and Photoshop while keeping the image in its original raw file state.

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Two easy ways to auto correct for colour casts in Photoshop

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Megapixel limits

pixel limit

Having more megapixels must mean bigger, better pictures, or does it?

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Patch tool editing tips

Photoshop's patch tool offers a one-stop solution for repairing large areas of an image. Here is a tip that will help you to get the best results from using it.

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What's in a name?

Renaming images

Renaming and reinforcing ownership of your images

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