What's next?

While we're by no means bereft of new camera launches recently, you can't help but be excited about what's on the horizon


There's no denying that the current trend for scaled-down interchangeable lens cameras is good for photography in general. It's getting more people into photography at a level from which they can progress quickly to more advanced photography.

However, I can't help but feel that we're waiting for something big in the world of DSLRs. For quite some time now, several new Nikon DSLRs have been on the horizon, with a replacement to the D700 at the foreground of our thoughts. What this also means is that other brands will follow suit, not wanting to be left behind in the innovation stakes.  The question is, when are these models going to be announced?

Well, the biannual Photokina trade show, held in Cologne and attended by the great and the good of the photography industry, is just around the corner and we fully expect to see a range of new models to be announced at the show. Until then, keep an eye on our website for news as we get it

Philip Andrews

Phillip Andrews

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