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Wedding Photography

Example wedding photograph demonstrating the versatility of the Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G ED-IF VR zoom.

If you had to photograph a wedding using only one lens then which lens would it be? Having taken a break from wedding photography for several years a friend tempted me back into the field: so which lens did I go for?

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CSI Photographs

Whole-frame as-shot image.

Television dramas such as the CSI series take many liberties with photographs, especially when it comes to forensic analysis, so let’s look beyond the CSI fiction to see what is really possible.

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Planar Lenses

Sectional view of Planar lens.

The latest edition of Camera Lens News, from Carl Zeiss, has just been published and includes a feature on Planar lenses. Given that the Planar design was developed by Paul Rudolf for Carl Zeiss, CLN is the ideal source of information on this topic. Here is a summary of some of the points covered.

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Photography in Education

Example of Chris Monaghan's TES photography resources.

Have you ever wondered what constitutes an education in photography? What are the topics and facts that examination boards and educationalists consider to be important? One way to find out is to look at the resources that teachers share amongst themselves via the TES (Time Education Supplement) website at

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Chromatic Aberration

Ray diagram showing the origins of chromatic aberration.

There are several different colour problems that affect lenses but the one we are interested in here is known as chromatic aberration and commonly manifests itself in pictures as coloured fringes with red and green edges adjacent to opposite sides of a narrow white area. For this reason, chromatic aberration is sometimes known as the “Italian flag” defect.

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Image Formation

Ray diagram for image formation by a simple biconvex lens.

Drawing on the two previous postings in this 'blog we are now able to create a basic model for image formation. This is not a thorough approach to image formation but it is enough to illustrate the operation of a simple lens.

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