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Life keeps repeating on me

Portland Bill Lighthouse, Dorset, UK

The best bit about being a landscape photographer is you spend every waking minute in the most glorious countryside and scenery on offer. Still, misty mornings and glowing autumn colours followed by a full cooked breakfast served by a pretty local maiden with sparkling blue eyes and warm smile.

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Are all AF areas equal?

A friend who works in IT likes to warn against the dangers of making assumptions: “assume,” he points out “makes an ass of you and me”. It’s a poor pun (ass u me) but it’s an important truism that reared its ugly head in the latest batch of lens tests that I’ve been doing.

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Getting off Auto

John Freeman blog

So there I am with my Spanish friend Nestor, who had just rescued me from a potentially difficult situation – more about that later – enjoying a beer in the still quite warm evening air, even though it’s late-November in Barcelona, and talking about digital cameras.

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As regular readers of What Digital Camera may have detected (and I make no apology for returning to this topic) I really hate seeing the word “macro” on lenses that don’t have a true macro specification. After all, what is the point of having a word that has a specific meaning if it gets used in a way that the meaning does not allow?

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Quality Conscious


Here's an idea: wouldn't it be great if camera manufacturers were to add an 'Optimise Quality' option to the range of shooting modes on offer?

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Fine Tuning Your Lens


Here is a subject that I have to say only recently caught my attention when a fellow photographer pointed out to me that some of the latest high-end digital SLR cameras allow you to make micro focus calibration adjustments. This is something that had never occurred to me before since I had always assumed both the manual and automatic focusing to be fairly accurate on such cameras. However, as I was about to find out, this isn’t necessarily always the case.

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